Only the Body Remembers

Why these tensions lie in the body
Only the body remembers.
If the mind is a computer, the body is the internet,
For its memory is much deeper and connected,
And harder to see the bottom.
It remembers the feelings you had
from before the mind was grown.
Even after the mind has moved on,
Only the body remembers.
It grasps onto these memories,
Similar to how the back of your closet holds onto
The old clothes that you never wear,
Only the body remembers.
The body is simply trying to survive
After all it has made it this far.
But it‘s not the way your body wants it to be.
It prefers the fruit over the poison.
So give it fruit.
These tensions are the poisons,
But they’re only noticed once you start to look.
Like a silent killer,
Only the body remembers.
The crazy part is
When relaxation is more uncomfortable
Than the tension it has always felt…
How long has it been?
You know your body deserves the rest.
For your body remembers,
And it deserves to let go of the memory.

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