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If you are soul searching, we are here.  Together we have had personal, professional and spiritual success through soulful energetic interactions with the Grandmaster.  If you want the same, you can join our network. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For your first class registration is required. Then a membership package can allow access to further classes/sessions.

For a private session an appointment is coordinated by phone call to the center. First group class can be booked through email to or phone call to the center 908-232-2377

A private session is a person to person conversation with the Grandmaster. He will smile at you and you will smile back. You and the Grandmaster, as a team will have further discussion to figure out what you want, where you are at, and which direction you want go. You and the Grandmaster are a team. Unless you want to, you don't need to share all the details of what brought you to the session. By helping you stay in your safe boundaries as a holistic and spiritual self, the team works best. That's how it's done. He will be able to find what the root of your concern is by orchestrating your mind, body, energy and spiritual identity with harmony. He will help you experience the solution as well so you can confirm it's working. Again as a team through mutual understanding you can decide what to do next. You will breathe, meditate, have conversations and move your body with him.

Our instructors recognize the challenges experienced as a beginner so they will intentionally be sure to guide you and have you feel comfortable.

Those looking for more can attend our workshops, instructor courses, and healer courses. (Ask us about certification options.)

    • Heal to Heal 

    • ZEN Tai Chi Instructor Course

    • ZEN Healer Course

    • 3 leveled courses for Harmony Meditation Instructors:

      • Mindfulness

      • Compassion

      • ZEN Power

Thanks for asking. Our team can lead Taichi, meditation, and Finding Harmony for your family, friends, and celebratory events such as birthdays, reunions, small gatherings, etc..

We have packages available to choose from and we can customize to your needs.

We have kept our class quality high and we want to continue that way, so we request new clients engage and commit in order to achieve goals with us.

The answer is Harmony. Come and see for yourself. 

The fruit of meditation is love.

That's wonderful! Welcome. We have established a non-profit organization at whose purpose is to cultivate:
  1. Online and Offline community/ outreach 
  2. Coexistence with Artificial Intelligence 
  3. Lifestyle fine-tuning 
  4. Empowerment for spiritual enlightenment

You will feel comfortable. The class is not crowded and our instructors ensure that everyone has the space they require.

For all group classes we recommend 13 years of age or older. For one-on-one sessions all ages are welcome.

Shoes are to be removed at the door. Socks are required. Anti-slip socks are not necessary but can be helpful. Currently only the bowing class requires you to bring a yoga mat.

  • FREE parking is available on Weekdays after 4:30pm in Lots #8 (North Ave. employee parking lot).
  • FREE parking is available on Weekdays after 10:00am in Lot #3 (South Ave. train lot) at non-numbered, non-metered permit spots.
  • FREE parking is available on Saturdays in Lots #8 (North Ave.) and Lot #3 at non-numbered, non-metered permit spots.
  • Downtown Westfield always offers FREE parking in all spaces on Sundays.

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