Inside Harmony Meditation

If you are soul searching, we are here.  Together we have had personal, professional and spiritual success through soulful energetic interactions with the Grandmaster.  If you want the same, you can join our network. 

When you first arrive at Harmony Meditation, the colorful décor and open space will welcome you and invite you in.  We use quality air filtration machines and temperature controls to make your visit comfortable.  High touch areas are cleaned and sanitized on a frequent basis.

Shoes are removed upon entry and clean socks are required for use once shoes are removed.  No bare feet, please.  Socks with anti slip bottoms are welcome but not necessary in order to participate in any of our sessions or classes.  Conservative attire is expected while visiting the center.  Confining clothing will limit comfort during movement, holding postures, deep breathing and stretching, so we strongly advise against it for your visit.  Come at least a few minutes early so that you can get settled with where everything is.  It is expected that all visitors keep their phone on silent or off and use respectful tones when speaking.  Once you are inside the session or class, the instructor or master will guide you on where to stand, whether or not to sit and which way to face.

Harmony Meditation is a place to rejuvenate after a long day of work or family and life obligations.  However, that is not our only goal.  Remember that in the tradition of ancient eastern wisdom, meditation and tai-chi are soulful practices and are used to expand your mind and spirit, as well as to embrace the connection to your inner being.  Practitioners come to the center to strengthen mental balance, achieve greater understanding of themselves, receive tailored strategies and to grow spiritually. It may be difficult for some to imagine but letting go of the outside world and fully allowing the mind and body to settle into the practice is a great start, but it’s just the beginning. Advanced practitioners take a deep and profound focus and clarity back to their daily living that allows them grace to better handle life’s ups and downs and allows them to better care for others. The purification process undergone at each session and class offered, is essential to connecting with one’s deepest inner true self, and naturally promotes personal and professional growth, without negative bi-products or side effects.  An ounce of prevention by practicing a harmonized spiritual, mental and physical state is worth… well, you know.

You will notice instructors and fellow practitioners bowing to greet one another and especially the Grandmaster.  This is a sign of respect with a polite prayer pose bow at the waist upon arrival or leaving.  All at the center are welcoming and it's encouraged to keep small talk to a minimum so that practitioners can focus on their thoughts, breathing, condition and connection to their mind, body and soul. The center atmosphere is one that exudes respect and humility at all times.

The center offers a section of its space for one-on-one meetings, a small closet/changing room and a larger small group area for those attending classes with an instructor. Inside the small group class area there is a wall of mirrors used to help practitioners assess their postures during instruction.  There is usually soothing or upbeat music playing meant to bring rise to hope and gratitude. Through the corridor and just outside the front door entrance, one will locate the restrooms.

What to expect in your one-on-one session?

During one-on-one sessions the Grandmaster has a unique approach to targeted guidance that you may not be familiar with.  It is important to be open-minded, to trust in his expertise and in the process.  Oftentimes the grandmaster needs you to see something outside your purview and will guide you through questioning, establishing a common language, or using illustrative description or story-telling to gain an understanding with you.  After a brief period of introduction, the Grandmaster will begin to bring your attention to some aspect that will help you meet your goals.  You will find that the more open you are to honest introspection the more you will benefit from the interaction.  One-on-one participants are customarily asked to breathe in order to release stress or to help bring concentrated focus to a certain area.  Participants can be asked to hold a pose in order to align and open the chakras, and the many meridian channels of the body.  Generally, though, the Grandmaster will ask questions.  Some of the questions will be surface and others will be deep.  Some of the responses you give will also reveal  insight into your own state of being, in that moment.  Should you find you are not sure of the answer to a question, realize that it’s okay to not know, and that you can express what you are experiencing.  Further reflection, meditation, practice and experience will enhance your interaction with yourself, your BiggerSelf and with life itself.

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