Spiritual Coaching and Healing Approach

At Harmony Meditation, in order to live life better, we approach wisdom, the pursuit of happiness, and seeking ultimate truth about wellness by seeing what has happened, seeing what is happening and foreseeing the possibilities of  what may come.  

If there is a big karma that is pulling you backward, it works like a disruption in your life, or a blockage.  It can be like glue stuck on your foot.  When we have health issues, relationship issues, or things that happen to us, we’d like to move on.  We’d like to get on a path to a brighter future.  Somehow we expect a better thing will happen from that.  We tend to believe the future will be better than now.  The incident or event that we just experienced is over, so we should move on.  That is our hope or our vision or our dream.  However, to be able to move forward on the right foot, to go in the correct direction of our new dream for the future, and to know the dream we want to build in the future more specifically – then we need to know what blocks us from moving toward that direction.  A trauma that happened in the past can hold us back, for example.  It’s a sticky situation that can require healing now.  It could have been something from childhood, a repressed memory or something from a past-life.  What happened to you?

We know the past sometimes works as an obstacle for us to move toward a brighter future.  That’s why we want to find something to learn from, but it’s also important to remember that how we behave now will change our future, too.  We can set up our new lifestyle now.  When we see the root of what’s pulling us back, we can tell what we need to do or what we need to have to be able to progress toward what we want ultimately.  We need to set that up.  We need to change some things, too.  So we know exactly what needs to be done.  When that happens, we can focus on now.  That is the virtue and that is the benefit of going backward to the past and going forward to the future, so we can live better now.


Bonus material for those seeking to become genuine spiritual leaders

There is a deeper question for leaders to consider.  Why can’t we just live now and let whatever come and go?  Why should we pay attention to here and now? 

(This is simple for some but in no way simple for others.  This can be the hardest thing to grasp.)  

The reason we need to pay attention to now and live now is that otherwise, we don’t find the right meaning of life.  If life is just coming and going, if we are just living like that, then there is no meaning.  We don’t feel fulfilled.  We don’t feel content and we don’t feel happy.  You can take things as just always changing and useless if you don’t live and pay attention to here and now.  We can lose our purpose and it can become like limbo.  If that kind of society is built, individuals will feel no shame, no judgment and no guilt.  They will do anything they want.  So, think about it.  If we lose our purpose and we find that life really has no meaning – what would happen?

If we don’t pay attention to here and now and if we don’t live now, then we cannot have evolution. So to live right, to live purposefully, content and happily, to live following the purpose of lives moving forward toward evolution, we need to pay attention to now and that happens because we think of the future.  To have a future forward-thinking we can go back to the past and go back to the future again and come back to now, because then we understand cause and effect.  

If we don’t look back very critically we will not set the right goal in the future. So, if your health issues, your financial issues or your relationship issues don’t seem to be resolving themselves, you need to really look back at what you have done, what you did and what happened.  In that sense, to have a better future you need to look back at what you had done in the past.  To be a better leader, to lead your life better, to lead your group and society better, to a better future, you are required to have better foresight.  Without having better foresight you will bring people to the wrong direction.  That’s a very important skill to have as a leader.  Looking back at the history of an individual life in the past works, it has meaning, it has benefits and has relationships with the future, too.

Do you have that?  Can you use it to your benefit?  If not, call us.

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