Spiritual mentorship sample questions
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  1. Have you ever wondered about your past-life?  Is there something challenging you now that you feel might be linked to your past-life?  If so, how do you address it?
  2. Do you believe that your soul is waiting for something?  What could that be?  How can you get to it?
  3. Have some signals from the universe come to you?  Have you found a calling for something more?

  4. Do you feel there are opportunities beyond your comprehension for growth and development that you want to be able to reach?
  5. Do you sense an urgency to do something good in this world?  How can you take what you have and use it better in this lifetime?  
  6. Did you find yourself becoming passionate about an ideal that you wish you could participate in toward a spiritual journey or fulfillment of your life’s purpose?


  7. Do you feel that your pursuit of free-spiritedness is somehow limited?  Do you know how to attain spiritual freedom for yourself?
  8. If you’ve had some trauma and you’re not sure how to move on and your spiritual seeking has not yet gotten you unstuck, how will you achieve the best way forward?  
  9. Do you have a spiritual thirst for connecting your current situation to a better future for all?


  10. Do you know what blocks you from going in the direction you want to go in?
  11. Have you had some success personally and/or professionally and somehow even tried therapy with some success but still find a longing for more?  What else could there be?
  12. Are you suffering from a physical ailment you believe is somehow tied to your past behaviors and circumstances that you wish you could cut ties with? 

  13. Do you know your soul has its own memory and that it interacts with you?
  14. What is it about certain situations that trigger some extreme emotions and some unwanted reactions from me?
  15. While dreaming, do you have a repetitive theme that you are curious about?  Is there something peculiar about your dream and wonder if it could help you on your spiritual journey?

  16. Is there a general feeling of anxiety or depression you can’t seem to shake despite seeking professional assistance?  
  17. Do you find your heart has some love but it is not as fulfilling as you anticipate?  Do you feel your spiritual fulfillment could be lacking and that part of your existence needs your attention now?  
  18. Why is here and now so important for mindfulness and how does that help me plan for the best future for my children and me?

  19. Have you found yourself somehow disconnected from your daily living beyond normal boredom?  Are you seeking a way to repair this?  
  20. Do you feel overwhelmed by the world’s bad news and it makes you angry but you’re not sure what you can do to help?  
  21. Do you feel you are more sensitive to things? More so than your friends and family members? Do you want to use this natural ability for a better purpose?     

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