Meditation Guidance Sessions

For those who are looking for a more personal or an immersion experience we offer one on one private meditation sessions

Why? What people have to say ...


“I have attended several one-on-one sessions with Master Choi, all related to certain unresolved personal issues. With staff in hand and eyes closed, Master Choi would absorb information provided so completely that it seemed as if he had entered my mind. Then, after a series of introspective questions asked while I maintained certain postures, Master Choi would provide astonishing new insight and ways to resolve each issue discussed, leaving me with a new sense of understanding. If you are stuck, and have not found a solution, a session with Master Choi is highly recommended.”


“When I first came to Harmony Meditation, I didn’t exactly know what I was looking for. I was able to explain what I felt to the Grandmaster in a private session as best I knew how and he helped me. He explained something very difficult to wrap my head around in a way that no one else ever had. It was simple and he was caring. However, he didn’t let me make excuses for my circumstances. Not only did his approach make sense, his methods opened my heart and my mind. It calmed me to the core. We meditated together. We talked. I felt better. So much so, that I came back for more practice.”   


“After a 1:1 session with Master Choi I always left feeling like ‘new’: A new, improved being, centered and aware of myself and my surroundings. I was able to step aside and see myself from a bigger perspective. This honest view of myself allowed me to make better decisions, untainted by emotions and prejudices, appropriate for a situation and people involved. This bigger, better I with its enhanced perspective is now my secret for success, enabling me to grow personally and professionally, and being awarded promotions.”


“There are people in the world who say they know things, claim to be leaders, and who want to be in charge. Yet there is almost never palpable leadership, merely agendas and manipulations.  Alex Choi is a remarkable man with insight, wisdom and philosophical grounding. I have never encountered anyone like him. I take counsel from few people and never had an interest in meditation. Yet from him it made sense. Alex has uncanny intuition, and a deep honesty and kindness toward people.   Alex coaches individuals and groups in the development of leadership in the home, at the workplace and within the halls of justice. He works with his clients to achieve physical and mental strength.  This is a man from whom great and small can learn to achieve their personal and professional goals and aspire to their best. If there is any such thing as a very old soul, Master Choi would be this. “


“I’ve been working with Grandmaster Alex for the last several months. I’ve been going for personal 1:1 sessions two times per week. The personal and professional growth that I’ve achieved has been remarkable, and what is even more encouraging is that I also have the realization that there is so much more I can achieve with continued work at Harmony Meditation. It all starts with having a strong foundation grounded in my health which has been a focus area of my work. I’ve also learned quite a bit about my strengths and opportunities for improvement. In particular, I’ve also learned how to better control or utilize my strengths, and why sometimes it’s important to dial back or turn one’s strengths off. In addition, one of things I enjoy about working with Alex is the appropriate balance of theory and practice, including ideas and concepts that I can immediately apply to real situations and see the results. I’ve seen significant improvement in both my personal and professional life and super excited about continuing on this journey…there is so much more to learn! I would highly recommend Grandmaster to anyone looking to work on self improvement and also anyone working through highly complex and challenging situations. The clarity that one can achieve working with Alex is super powerful.” 

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  • 1 hour One-on-one guided meditation/tai-chi with a Master
  • Introduction to healing energy and where to focus during meditation and tai-chi
  • Healing experience
  • Q&A opportunities
  • Price: $250


  • Strengthen your relationships in meaningful and sustainable ways
  • Two attendees at a time. This session is recommended to family members and partners.
  • Total 75 minutes of guidance and tailored application
  • The session ends with individual coaching and consultation.
  • Price: $400


  • Making meditation/energy training a family practice
  • Currently, we offer family/small group sessions for two attendees at a time. (Due to COVID restrictions.) Please limit these intimate in nature, yet socially-distanced appointments to loved ones such as: family members and partners.
  • Total 75 minutes of guidance and tailored application.
  • Price: $400

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