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Looking for music? Simply flow along and enjoy the experience; it will vary every single time! Beginners will gradually be able to have a deeper meditation experience and experience higher states of awareness.

To have fun like Buddhas Do!
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Integration Not Separation Of Mind, Body, and Spirit Of Releasing and Accumulating

Buddhas’ Fun  CD 

  1. Enlightened 10 Minute
  2. Take It Easy
  3. Breakup Meditation
  4. A Way of Dragon
  5. Buddhas’ Fun


This CD is for those facing serious illness.

Healing CD

  1. The Elephant (you deserve to be shocked)
  2. What Do I Do Now (you deserve to move forward)
  3. Nothing More Than A Soul (you deserve to be a soul)
  4. Life Around Me (for realizing there is more)
  5. Things Happen (for next steps)
  6. Part As A Whole (for finding your way)
  7. You Are The Hope (true self to the rescue)
  8. The Revolution To Feel Better (for going beyond your five senses)
  9. The Revolution To Get Better (for resting in yourself)
  10. The Revolution To Be Better (for well-being and well-dying)
  11. The Secret Of Human Mind (for mobilizing the healing power in you)
CD Image of ZEN Cement content

The Way of ZEN CD

  1. Breathe Healthier 1 (release stress through breathing)
  2. Breathe Healthier 2 (better health through breathing)
  3. Looking Up The Mind (this is ZEN chanting)
  4. The Way of ZEN 1 (how to cope with change)
  5. The Way of ZEN 2 (use the power of change)
  6. The Way of ZEN 3 (make the change) 


This CD is for opening up a brighter future.
This CD is for opening up a brighter future.

Karma CD

  1. Using Mind  (for power of mind)
  2. The Secret of Human Mind (for not fooling yourself)
  3. The Power of Human Mind (for motivating yourself)
  4. Knowledge and Happiness  (for the wisdom of happiness)
  5. Relationships and Memory (for better relationship building)
  6. Removing Memory (for finding if your memory is controlling you)
  7. Soul Evolutionizing (for better relationship building)
  8. Free From Tomorrows  (for freedom from the concept of freedoms)
  9. The Revolution To Be Better  (for freedom from the fear of death)
  10. Living Free From Time (for yet another freedom)
  11. Breakup Meditation (for breaking meditation)
  12. Looking Up The Mind (a powerful chant to free yourself)
  13. GoongGoong  (a chant to go beyond everything that you know)

This CD is the Buddhas' Guide to better sleep.
This CD is the Buddhas’ Guide to better sleep.

Revolution CD

  1. You Want To Sleep Better  (for breathing to relax) 
  2. Improving Yourself  (for preparing your brain for sleep) 
  3. Why To Grow  (for controlling your life) 
  4. The Cause and Effect  (for the mechanism for quality sleep)
  5. You Are Joy  (for seeking happiness) 
  6. The Revolution To Feel Better (for evidence to go beyond your five senses)
  7. The Revolution To Get Better (for getting happier to get healthier)
  8. The Revolution To Be Better  (for well-being and well-dying)
  9. What Are We Breathing  (for what is really important)
  10. To The Completion Of Soul (for finding what’s in it for you)
  11. Introduction To A New Goal (for learning how to use this CD)

This CD upgrades your Buddha.
This CD upgrades your Buddha.

Reloaded CD

  1. Introduction To A New Goal  (for awakening your potential)
  2. Mind Flows  (for preparing mind to flow smoothly) 
  3. Your Mind Is With You Always  (for better mind and body relationship)
  4. Mind and Body In Peace  (who is in charge of you?) 
  5. Thought Clarifying Reflection (again, who is in charge of you?) 
  6. For Those Who Cannot Rest (for finding what is causing your unrest)
  7. Letting Go  (succeed by letting go)
  8. Calming Is Not Good Enough (for avoiding wide spread mistakes in meditation)
  9. What About The Bottom Consciousness  (for taking out the trash)
  10. Relax Beginners  (for starting over) 
  11. Let Me Help You Relax  (for learning the procedure to relax)
  12. You Are The One  (for the most precious asset you have)
  13. Soul To Soul  (soul food)
  14. Spiritual Cause and Effect  (for awakening soul’s talents)
  15. You Are Great  (for upgrading yourself to a new level) 
  16. GoongGoong  (a chant to go beyond everything that you know) 


Buy Harmony Meditation Book - A new way to completion
Book – A new way to completion
Compre su libro de Meditacion De Armonia - Descubre tu luz
Meditacíon de Armonía – Edicion en español – Spanish Edition

Harmony Meditation: From Well-Being to Well-Dying:   A new way to completion

Book and Audio-CD (set of 3). Also available in German and  Spanish

Harmony Meditation provides both beginners and more advanced levels with unique practical and theoretical insight into meditation and spiritual development. Grandmaster Choi demonstrates that pursuit of spiritual growth is a natural human aspiration and actually essential for managing everyday life and its challenges well; it enriches every aspect of human existence from better living to better dying. Harmony Meditation as book and CDs are entertaining and allow for easy access to meditation techniques with many practical examples. Beginners will experience increasing insights as they keep revisiting the pages. Select chapters that go deeper into the stages of human consciousness and spiritual completion may initially appeal more to advanced practitioners; nevertheless, beginners will gradually gain access through continuous practice and by experiencing the results

Meditation – finally made fun!

The Harmony Story
The Harmony Story

Hwando, a spiritual novel written by Grandmaster Choi is a personal account spanning various phases of spiritual growth and completion organized into short stories. The book features the intricate relationship between mind, the brain and the path of life, which determines how our life in all its facets unfolds.

Books in Korean

Harmony Meditation Korean Book 1 Purchase
Harmony Meditation Korean Book 2

Korean books (한국어 서적) 구매: 알라딘US, 반디북US 혹은 센터를 직접 방문해 주세요. 한국에서는 yes24.com에서 구입하세요.

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