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The Appetizer: Personal Retreat for the CEO of You 

​Your CEO is in charge of Controlling & Harmonizing: Emotion, Thinking, Relationships, Health and Spiritual Identity. How will you influence the CEO of you to carry out what you want the most?

Communication with your CEO is vital to the proper execution of the vision. When your CEO needs a personal retreat you can tell because something in your functioning is slightly off.  Whether it be conscious to you or subconscious, you have a notion that maybe your CEO is stressed and in need of rejuvenation or maybe you have a desire unfulfilled.  A CEO’s job is indeed stressful. An overhaul of administration may not be the only solution in order to see improvement in performance, however. Don’t you want maximized profit for this quarter and the next and for the long-term, too?

Not many professionals and entrepreneurs take a personal retreat seriously enough.  Even when you love your job, sometimes a break is very necessary. Through the power of meditation and chakra opening and purifying, Harmony Meditation now offers optimal training for fine-tuning your system’s breathing, five-senses and self-awareness. Give your CEO this personal retreat and you will return to yourself. Your daily living will be lead by you with a better and clearer mind and renewed energy to execute what must be accomplished. You will leave having felt the wisdom and power of: Mind is a muscle. Emotion is a muscle.  Energy is a muscle.

This in turn empowers you toward a better fulfillment of goals. The CEO of you will take much better care of himself and of you, too, as a result.  That CEO is one that will serve your needs the most and the best.  Isn’t that what you want? It’s time to reignite your inner passion, power and purpose. You can do so right here in Westfield, NJ.  In one afternoon you can and will attain:

  • ZEN healing and destressing
  • Restorative power for inner peace
  • Deep relaxation
  • Calmness with purpose
  • Recharging heightened joy
  • Deep self-connection
  • Soulfulness
  • Improved focus


Workshop Fee: $150


The entrée courses

Course 1:

How to take care of your body and support your physical health

Course 2:

How to grow your consciousness and improve the relationship between you and life

Course 3:

How to grow your BiggerSelf and improve the relationship between you and your soul

The above 3 main courses are available upon request after the appetizer.

The Dessert

  • Improvements
  • Skills
  • Management

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